The first purified exosomes made in Europe, now available in Canada.

What are Purasomes?

There are 3 Options Available

Discover the 3 Formulations

Derived from organic colostrum, each formulation contains patented AMPLEX+ Technology that delivers high-yield purified Exosomes and potent Growth Factors to effectively facilitate cellular regeneration.

Skin Nutri Complex

Designed to help promote angiogenesis and new tissue formation, providing firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Skin Glow Complex

Contains unique synergistic combinations, brightening agents and major anti-oxidants to help enhance and rebuild skin complexion.

Hair & Scalp Complex

Designed to help reduce hair loss, support epigenetic reset of hair bulb, recharge hair follicles and reactivate normal functioning.

Did you know?

AMPLEX+ has 14 innovative patents in Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetics as of 2022.¹

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1. Internal data on file.